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Lomi Lomi is a unique form of massage indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands. As it was passed from generation to generation as part of a rich oral tradition, it evolved into slightly different forms and lineages within different islands and communities.


Lomi Lomi means rubbing, squeezing, and massaging. Some say its so nice, it's said twice. Its characteristics involve long, smooth flowing strokes along the whole body, feathery to deep integrative touch on muscles and energy lines, joint mobilization, and shiatsu-like pressure. It can be relaxing or stimulating depending on the desired result, and always soothing, energizing, and restorative. It has been described as a dance around the body, a prayer in motion, and the "touch of aloha," as it combines all these elements into a unique experience for both practitioner and recipient. A session often starts with a prayer/chant and a moment of silence and stillness as the practitioner invokes the clients particular spirit guides (amakua) and ancestors, or just attunes to divine loving presence within. As renowned Big Island kumu (teacher) Margaret Machado puts it, "I dont do the work, the Lord does". Long before Christian contact, Lomi Lomi was flourishing all overthe Hawaiian Islands, along with a rich tradition of herbalism and natural healing (Kahuna La'pau). All these practices were rooted in a deep spiritual tradition of Huna (secret), more recently popularized as the Law of Attraction. Wherever attention goes, energy flows; consequently, the world is as you think it is. Therefore, Lomi practitioners choose to focus on the harmony, beauty, and functionality already present within the client; and expand it in a joyous and celebratory way, through movement, breath, and prayer with skillful loving touch to restore balance.

Ho'oponopono addresses the mind, soul, and spirit, releasing past hurt and grievances by literally "making right right bringing one into the power of now. Lomi Lomi summons the body's innate intelligence to heal and repair itself the way nature intended. The consciousness of the practitioner is immersed in loving awareness of self, others, and nature (Aloha means 'One Breath'). As Lomi Lomi practitioners, we remember our true essence through prayer, chant, dance, conscious breathing, and precise alignment. It allows us to draw the patient into a deep remembering of soul identity, which is the source of true healing. Besides being so effective and anatomically precise that it can be used with physical therapy, Lomi Lomi is infused with Mana (energy) and known to restore wellness, not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Reconnecting with the primordial essence and nature plays a vital role in the healing process. The ancients revered nature - they drew power from it. The Lomi practitioner invokes all five elements: Water (fluidity & letting go), Earth (grounding and stability), Fire (power & passion), Air (ease & space for transformation), Ether (freedom & expanded energetic field). The Hawaiians recognized the existence of the fifth element (electricity) and perceived an aura (electrical field around living things as seen in Killian photography) they called Aka. Therefore, Lomi strokes always extend beyond the boundaries of the skin. 

Kahi Loa is an imposition of hands on two parts of the body, usually the spine, creating a bridge and energetically resonant current, similar to Reiki or polarity therapy. Lomi Lomi was banned and made illegal by Christian missionaries and had to go underground until the 60's. It is now recognized as a tradition that is to be treasured, thanks to enduring family values and a few Kahunas who preserved and passed it to younger generations. It has now become fully recognized, practiced, and sought after all over the world.

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